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Contemporary Cake class students testimonials /feedback

Brisbane cake classes, students feedback about my classes.

It started with a cupcake....and what an adventure it has become.
I began cake decorating classes with Jackie apparently 3 years ago now, starting with a cupcake class which was fantastic.
Not only did the cupcakes look great but they tasted great too! And we were given the recipe so as we could bake them again at home, which I have done on mass and they are loved by all that eat them.
Jackie holds demonstrations in her purpose built kitchen which are informative and fun we are given absolutely everything we need to be able to go home and bake the most delicious cakes.
The cake decorating classes are my all time favourite!!! We get a cake already baked by Jackie YUM..then Jackie guides us with care and patience to create our masterpieces. I started at the beginning with the easier classes and have managed to work my way through Jackie's extensive list of classes to a Wedding Cake which was beyond my expectations.
Jackies classes are awesome, they are small and personal, we are provided with all that we need to create our cakes and Jackie is only to happy to be hands on and help if it is needed, there is no sense of being rushed and Jackie is very forthcoming with all of her hints and tips from suppliers to trouble shooting and anything else we feel the need to know.
Jackie is professional, polite and patient she is passionate about cake decorating and she takes the time to carefully plan all of our classes so that all of us go away with an amazing cake at the end of the day but most importantly with the knowledge and confidence that we can do it again by ourselves and the desire to do it again and again with our own spin on it.
Jackie began as my cake teacher and has become a dear friend, my children will be for ever grateful to Jackie for giving their mum the ability to create the most amazing and delicious birthday cakes ever!!!
Noah my youngest is Jackies number one fan he just loves her mud cake and asked me the other day was Jackie famous?
I replied."..not yet Noah but someday soon she will be."
I am so looking forward to expand my portfolio of cakes and learn many more techniques and skills.
Can't Wait!
PS Matt makes an amazing sandwich so even the lunch is great!
Kindest Regards,Tiffanee.

The shooting stars workshop with Jackie has renewed my passion for cake decorating. The class was friendly, informative and Jackie was very efficient, attentive and well prepared. Best of all I left the class with a beautifully decorated cake that I was very proud of and wowed everyone. I would highly recommend her classes as you leave the day with a sense of achievement and an enthusiasm for wanting to know more, Melanie.

Hi Jackie,I enjoyed only having 4 people in the class, I believe this made it a lot easier to learn and also to get help from yourself and ask questions if needed. At the end of the day it was great to be able to take home what we accomplished and I cant believe we were able to create such a wonderful cake in only a day.
Thanks Heaps

I found the cake decorating classes to be exciting, informative and very hands on, which I loved. It was great to be able to take home your work and show it to friends and families and listen to their ooohs and ahhhhs. Jackie's skills and expertise in the area of cake decorating is outstanding! I recommend any person that is interested in cake decorating to attend one of Jackie's courses. Regards,Verity.

Thanks very much for the recipe Jackie.It was a fantastic course. I loved the small group and the one-on-one attention I needed if I was having trouble with anything. I got so many tips and hints that I never would have thought of myself. Your course made me feel so much more confident about my abilities and my new found passion and excitement for cake decorating has been truly enhanced by this course. I would definitely recommend it and can’t wait to do another one.

Thanks Jackie, Kelsey.

Hi Jackie
I just wanted to write and tell you how incredible Fridays class was for me. I cannot believe that I made such an amazing cake - my family are still in complete awe!! You provide such a lovely warm atmosphere in which to learn. Thank you for that.
It was such a pleasure to meet you and share in your great knowledge.
Thank you, Melinda

Hi Jackie,
I just wanted to send an email of thanks for yesterday's workshop. I absolutely loved the day, and am so proud of the cake I made. I proudly showed the cake off today, and then finally took the plunge and cut it this afternoon and shared it with family and friends.
Your workshop has inspired me to get creative and start baking and decorating cakes. I am looking forward to organizing my next lesson (hopefully pirate ships)
.Once again many thanks! Look forward to more cakes
Kind regards

Having had done some cake decorating courses in Brisbane and coming away feeling very disappointed, I decided to try Jackies workshop.
I couldn't believe that after my first lesson I had learned so much more than I had in the 8 weeks at the other courses. She is very generous with her knowledge and equipment. Nothing is a secret, she is willing to share everything she knows. Jackie is very organized, all equipment is there for you but the best feature are her small classes. She won't be getting rid of me in a hurry!

I was lucky to have met Jackie almost a year ago. I had attended other cake courses in the past, but I always left disappointed. There were always too many people, not enough equipment to go around. Jackies’s classes are different. They are small, your not rushed. All her classes are well organised. You walk away feeling confident, with a great sense of achievement. Jackie teaches you all the skills, with her easy and encouraging nature , she is willing to share all she knows. Jackie has become my friend not just my teacher. Whenever I’m having trouble with a cake, I will call her anytime, and she is always there to help. I have also met some other enthusiastic cake decorators, which I have become good friends with.
Jackie’s cakes taste great too!!! The most important thing is her classes are fun.( That’s what cake decorating is FUN!) I recommend her courses to anyone interested in creating cake masterpieces. One course and your hooked.

It started with a simple Christmas cake and now I think I'm addicted to cake decorating. You give all your students such confidence and always ensure that our finished products look beautiful! Classes are wonderful - the perfect mixture of fun and information. Your website gallery has been the inspiration for many of my cakes, although now I am confident enough to put my own twist on my cakes. Your advice and tips have helped me achieve results that I didn't think possible. The Cake Gosspip Group will be wonderful- a great opportunity to share successes (failures!) and, of course, get new ideas.
Thanks for your inspiration, patience and friendship.

I had such a lovely day on Friday, and the miniature  cakes were sooo popular. My daughter thought they were beautiful, she just loved the butterflies and the sparkle and found it hard to pick just one. Cake icing is our alternative to play dough and she can’t wait to make some butterflies with me. I am so grateful for the amazing training. It is such a lovely environment to learn a wonderful creative skill with so many resources. I can’t wait to do more. My dad really loved the banana caramel one. He would like me to make him one for father’s day. Thank-you very much for all the hard work you put in, and for furthering my skills. Your cakes are fantastic.


“My mum and I began our courses with Jackie from Contemporary Cakes in May, 2010. After our first class, the Birthday Bow Cake, all mum and I could do was rave about how wonderful it was. Whilst I love to cook, I had barely kneaded before- nor ever worked with sugar paste and ganache, so this was definitely unfamiliar territory! Every step was clearly explained, and when assistance was required, Jackie was there by your side stepping her students through. In my opinion, this is one of Jackie’s biggest strengths- in all her classes, there is plenty of individual attention given.

Jackie is highly organised from the moment you arrive at her classes. All the equipment is prepared for each student, and you are warmly greeted with a cup of her ‘special’ coffee and a good chat on the latest cake gossip! Her overwhelming knowledge of the industry is passed down to her students, which for me, feels like you are receiving that little bit extra with her classes. A worksheet is also provide to practice your skills at home.

Since May, mum and I have attended her Wedding Cupcake class, the Frangipani Cascade workshop, and the Noah’s Ark class. There are plenty more courses mum and I are eager to complete. I am truly amazed how quick I have been able to pick up my skills with Jackie’s classes, and giving things ‘a go’ on my own.

When you enrol in courses with Jackie, expect to learn from the best! Jackie is highly professional, but also, so friendly with her students. You leave with a sense of pride with what you have accomplished, and will no doubt, wanting to be booking in for another class as you walk out the door. I highly recommend her classes to all skill levels, and cannot wait to attend my next one!”
 Virginia .

Where do I start...I began the most amazing journey almost four years now with Jackie from Contemporary Cakes.

What started out as something fun to do has turned into the most rewarding fun and exciting venture.
I have been a student of Jackies for four years now and many may recognise me from the many class said in my previous testimonial Jackies class's are awesome they are small only four students, well organised, informative, fun and best of all they haven't changed...and what I mean by that as popular and as busy as Jackie has become she is still the same lovely warm friendly professional teacher she was in the begining nothing is too much trouble to be explained or demonstrated there are no expectations that I should have remembered or should know something.

While my reasons for attending Jackies class's may have changed, as I now have my own cake decorating business, thanks to Jackie. I still leave each class with a great big smile an amazing cake and a whole lot more knowledge confidence and desire to create and bake even more.

What I love about Jackie is she is not afraid to share her love of cake decorating and through this hopefully we will have a younger generation of cake Diva's to keep this wonderful craft alive for many generations to share.

Can't wait for the new round of class's to expand my skills and portfolio even more....

Thanks too to Matt and Adam who provide the lovely refreshments during our class

Kindest Regards

Your cake mate


Jackie's cake decorating classes are amazing! As you can see her cakes are a work of art. Looking at the cakes in her classes I remember thinking the cakes seemed too hard for such a beginner as myself, who had never decorated cakes to that extreme. But in the Jackie's small classes she is able to help you with every step along the way, boosting your confidence and making a larger task an easier one. Jackie is very helpful and attentive in all her classes and can even show you how to  make any mark back to invisible. I have left every class appreciative, happy and proud of the beautiful cakes, cupcakes and flowers that Jackie has helped me achieve. If your looking for cake decorating classes, you've found the best and I would recommend them to everyone. I have attended quiet a few of Jackie's classes now and she's stuck with me because I'll keep coming back for more.

Thank you for all your help Jackie and I will never forget what I have learnt.

I started my cake decorating journey with Jackie in April 2010 and from what was just going to be a day of experimenting, has turned into an obsession! I was so chuffed with what I produced in my first class that I have now completed 10 classes…and counting! Class numbers are capped at 4 students which allows optimal learning and I have always left each class with a huge sense of achievement and in awe of what I have created. Jackie’s patience and ability to teach is commendable and I think a testament to the success of her business and the fact that so many of her students keep coming back for more!

Furthermore, Jackie is not precoscious about her knowledge – she is more than happy to pass on her tips, list of suppliers and best of all, the most effective way of doing something. Jackie is also happy to take calls/emails outside of her classes to offer advice and troubleshooting. I don't think I will ever tire of seeing the reaction on people’s faces when I open the cake box, the hardest part is getting people to eat the cake because no one wants to cut into it! Thank you Jackie for all your support and helping me realise what my true passion is. I look forward to more classes in 2011 and tackling the advanced cake classes!

Kind Regards,

Hey Jackie, I have thoroughly enjoyed all my classes, I absolutely love the way you teach, and an added bonus is the small class ratio which is a great environment to learn in.  Your new cake studio is beyond belief, its amazing, beautiful and has that WOW factor.  I am so glad to have become one of your students, and I will keep coming till I've done every class hehehehehe so you may see me around for a few years.  I've finally  convinced my family and friends that the cakes I made from my classes was actually made by myself and not one of your samples, thats true testoment to your teaching.  What a great gift you have and keep sharing with others. Keep in touch, see you in the New Year , Tai .

In have been Jackie’s groupie for four years now, since I took one of her sugar paste modeling classes. There are a lot of cake classes around, but it is rare to find someone who knows their way around cakes, is passionate about teaching and makes delicious sandwiches to boot!

I took an extended tier class with Jackie a few weeks ago. And because there was just two of us attending the class, we had Jackie all to ourselves. I cannot think of a better set-up to learn how to put together a cake like this, particularly when we had to pick up a massive piece of sugarpaste and wrap it around the cake. There’s so much more I would like to learn, and at the risk of being cheeky, I am truly glad that I know Jackie enough to ‘suggest’ ideas for future classes.

Jackie is a lovely friend and inspiring teacher. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her classes to anyone who catches the cake decorating bug, Jen.

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  1. Jackie
    It started with a simple Christmas cake and now I think I'm addicted to cake decorating. You give all your students such confidence and always ensure that our finished products look beautiful! Classes are wonderful - the perfect mixture of fun and information. Your website gallery has been the inspiration for many of my cakes, although now I am confident enough to put my own twist on my cakes. Your advice and tips have helped me achieve results that I didn't think possible. The Cake Gosspip Group will be wonderful- a great opportunity to share successes (failures!) and, of course, get new ideas.
    Thanks for your inspiration, patience and friendship.